Global Read Aloud in Full Force!

Hello! Today we started our global read aloud! So excited to connect with other students, even if it’s just locally!

We first made predictions about what we thought the book would be about. We discussed what conclusions we could draw of the girl by the cover, the significance of the objects on the cover, and what we thought the title meant.We then watched the book trailer and read the first chapter through watching the video of the author read to us! The video is posted below.

Our lucky winner of the raffle was Chris Bawden! Congrats Chris! Enjoy the book. If you would like the buy a copy, they are $8.00 at Barnes and Noble. This is not a necessary purchase.

Tonight the students have to respond to post discussing chapter 1 on Edmodo. I went over the directions with students on how to use edmodo. All students user names are their first name then my name. please see examples below. All students have the same password. When they log on, they will see the discussion question I posted. The questions is as follows.

The first chapter does not say exactly what happened to Carley, but the author provides the reader with several hints. What can you infer about Carley and her current situation from the first chapter? Use specific details to support your inferences.

Username examples: BobMsGray or SallyMsGray or ChrisMsGray

Password: Springdale

In Springdale Sprint News….Room 208 is in 4th place!! WAHOO! Please keep those donations coming.

Thanks and have a great night.

Ms. Gray

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