Partial Products Method and Global Read Aloud

Today in math we learned the partial products algorithm to solve a multiplication problem. We used a bow tie reference to help us learn the steps needed to take in order to solve the problem properly. Before we started the lesson, I felt that it was important for students to really grasp the concept of expanded notation. So we split the class into 5 teams and played a game that dealt with expanded notation. Be sure to discuss this activity at home with your kids.

We continued to read “One of the Murphy’s” We met with Miss Slocum’s class outside and had “meaningful discussions” using our fishbowl technique. It was great to see the students collaborating and discussing the book with each other. Pictures are below.

Mrs. Rokkam has let me know that “One for the Murphy’s” is $4.39 on Amazon Prime. She is buying one for Dhruv and would be happy to order more if anyone would like a copy. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mrs. Rokkam!

Thanks and have a great night.

Ms. Gray

photo (15) photo (16) photo (17)

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