Finding the THEME

Today in reading, we reviewed for the performance task for unit 1. A performance task is an opportunity for students to show us teachers what they have learned. The performance task will be done over both Monday and Tuesday’s readings blocks of next week. Students first reviewed finding the theme of a story. Students discussed that the theme is the message or lesson that the author wants the reader to learn from the story.

Students then listened to the song “I Hope You Dance” and read the lyrics on the board as the song was playing. They then broke out into groups and reread the lyrics to discuss what the theme of this song was. Students came up with wonderful idea’s on what they believed the theme of the song was. Students then broke up and read a story and worked with partners to write a short summary using the strategy we learned yesterday and to find the theme. Pictures and the song students listed to is posted below.

Math unit 2 assessment will be this Friday! Picture day tomorrow!

Thanks and have a good night!

Ms. Gray

photo (31)photo (32)

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