Non Fiction Reports

Hi Everyone,

Students all have picked their topics for their non fiction reports. Students were able to chose anything they wanted, as long as they weren’t an “expert” at it already. It had to be something that they can research and learn more about! We will be working on this report through Thanksgiving. We will be researching here in school with books from the Media Center as well as during lab time, but please look for research at home as well. Articles online, books from the library, videos, would all be useful. So excited to read these reports!

In math today we learned about the properties of polygons and practice identifying and grouping them. We played the game polygon capture which helped us identify the properties. Please see the pictures below of our students working hard.

In science, we continued working on phases of the moon!

Thanks and have a wonderful night,

Ms. Gray

photo (70) photo (71) photo (72) photo (73) photo (74) photo (75) photo (76) photo (77) photo (78) photo (79) photo (80)

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