Today during our writing block, students put their finishing touches on their non fiction reports. For those students who are typing at home, please have reports in no later than Tuesday, November 25th!

The students who were done started on their Educreations presentation on their person who changed the world for the better! Mr. Ruben, the teacher in our Global Read Aloud book, has the characters working on a project on someone who has changed the world. Students researched and found someone who they believe has changed the world for the better. They did a quick summary stating person’s name, where and when they were born, what they did to change the world, and when they died. After that was complete, students went out in the hallway to prepare their presentations!

Educreations is an exciting app that transforms your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. It records your voice, handwriting and also allows you to insert pictures to produce your own personal video lessons that teachers and students can share online. The students are having so much fun with this project!

Please see pictures below of a few of our students working so diligently. Also, check out @MsGray on instagram to see a video of our scholars singing “Hey Jude!” in music class!

Thanks and have a great night!

Ms. Gray

educreations 1 educreations

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