Book Clubs!!

Hi everyone!

Today we started our book clubs! Our students were so excited. They wanted to read the entire book tonight!

While participating in these book clubs, students will have a specific role/responsibility for that week.  These students will need to make sure their roles have been fulfilled in order to be an active part in their club! Their only job tonight was to read the first chapter and to make a prediction about what the book is going to be about. Below is a list of roles and responsibilities the students will be assigned weekly.

Summarizer: Compete a quick 4-5 sentence summary of the chapters read. Only important characters and events should be included. Students should practice their summary and be prepared to present it to their group!

Character Coordinator: The character coordinator compares and contrasts character development, identifies special character traits, and discusses relationships between characters in the story. Students need to be sure to use evidence from the test to support their thoughts/ideas.

Vocabulary detective: Students will choose 4-5 new words from the reading assignment and write the pages they found the words on. Students will then write the definition of the word and use it in a sentence correctly. Using context clues to help find the definition is encouraged, before using a dictionary. Students should be prepared to teach the words to their fellow group members!!!

Passage Perfector: The passage perfector identifies and selects important, humorous, interesting, confusing, or well-written phrases or parts of paragraphs from the story. Students should include WHY they chose that part. Page number of the passage is needed!

Question Writer: Students will create interesting discussion questions. Students should try to think of questions that will get their group to dig into the book and use evidence to support their answers.

These jobs will be assigned to the students once a week. Jobs will rotate each week. These jobs will not be a nightly assignment. The goal of these book clubs is to have students be engaged in their books, foster a love for reading, while having fun doing it. Depending on the book, these assignments will be assigned to the students 1-2 times per week.

My role with these groups is to monitor through Edmodo and meet/discuss the book with the students weekly. So excited to get started with such amazing books.

Please see the pictures below of students getting introduced to their books for the first time.

Thanks for reading!

Ms. Gray

book clubs 1 book clubs 2 book clubs 3 book clubs 4 book clubs 5

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