Say What?!?!

Hi everyone,

For the next three days, we will be completing the “Say What” embedded task in science. Students will explore factors affecting human reaction time. In investigation #1, students will use a technique for measuring the reaction time of different individuals. They will observe how long it takes group members to respond to conflicting stimuli. Noting that people have different reaction times, students will explore possible factors that might influence the brain’s response to conflicting stimuli. In both experiments, students will learn about the importance of controlling variables to make a fair test so that results are more reliable.

Please click on the link below to play the game we played in class today. The brain’s delayed response to conflicting stimuli is known as the “Stroop Effect.” This game gives us ways to really understand the stroop effect! Students had lots of fun playing! Please feel free to play at home. 🙂


Ms. Gray

The Stroop Effect

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