New Math Unit/Learning to Look.

Hi Everyone,

Unit 8 math tests will be sent home tonight. Please sign and return. Unit 9 covers coordinates, area, volume, and capacity. Students will practice naming and locating ordered number pairs on a coordinate grid. Whole numbers, fractions, and negative numbers will be used as coordinates. Students will also review formulas for perimeters and areas they learned in 4th grade. Lastly, students will learn how to find volume (the amount of space an object takes up) as well as capacity (the amount of material a container can hold.)

Learning to Look begins today! Learning to look is an art program that will last for the next 8 weeks. It teachers our students to view art differently and to understand what pictures are really showing us. The program will be concluded with a field trip to the metropolitan art museum in New York City!

Thanks for checking in!

Ms. Gray

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