Powerful Readers

There is just something so powerful when a classroom of 10-11 year old children beg and plead to have more independent reading time each day. The room is never as quiet as it is during independent reading time. Reading in 208 is something we all cherish and treasure. I am so proud of each student this year as I watch them grow into life-long readers. I hope they take the joy of reading they show in this classroom into their future classrooms and at home!

Two books that really sparked my interest and taught me a lot about the importance of elementary reading are below. I highly advise you check them out!

reading in the wildthe book whisperer

Please also see the list of books I have brought into the classroom that our children absolutely love. Not every student has had the opportunity to read each one so check them out at the library 🙂

lootel deafocourage for beginnershalf a chancefish in a tree cover bookall the answers picture coverthe crossover bookmr lemoncello'sstella by starlightrain reignflora and ulyssesthe paperboywhen you reach mewonderone and only ivanmy life as a stunt boyabsolutely almost

Please see pictures below of our students deep in their books this past Monday.

reading 1 reading 2 reading 3 reading 4 reading 5 reading 6 reading 7

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