Tone and Mood

Today in literacy, we talked about the difference between tone and mood in a story. Tone is the way feelings are expressed (the author’s attitude towards the writing.) Mood is the overall feeling of the piece. (The feeling you get from the reading.)

To hook the students, I showed them 2 different movie trailers…both for Mary Poppins. The students were able to see how the different TONES in the trailer change their moods. Click the link below to watch the videos.

We also did the same with music. Students listened to “Happy” by Pharrell then the theme song from the Show 24. They wrote down the mood each song was putting them in. Please see pictures below of students listening to the music with their eyes closed.

mood and tone 4 mood and tone 3

I then read “Come On Rain” aloud to the students. The students discussed how the mood changed throughout the story because the author’s TONE changed. Please listen to the story below.

Thanks for checking in!

Ms. Gray

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