Today we started our global read aloud and it was AMAZING! We will be skyping with our partner classes in Canada at the end of the week to discuss the book. We can’t wait!

As a class we discussed what the title meant and what it feels like to be a “fish in a tree.” We talked about how we have all felt like in our lives. We ate gold fish and munchkins and wrote how we have felt like a fish in a tree in our own fish. Please see pictures below. We also talked about the authors message to her readers on the first page and what it meant. It was a very powerful conversation. Please talk about this your children at home.

IMG_2733IMG_2722 IMG_2727 IMG_2732

We recieved an official “FISH IN A TREE” poster that was signed by the AUTHOR!!! It is hanging proudly in our classroom. Please see picture below of poster and Mr. Orsino and I in our GLOBAL READ ALOUD SHIRTS!


Also, please see book trailer and video of the author reading chapter 1 out loud.


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