Fictional Summaries

Last week and today, we have been working on a fictional summary. A fictional summary should include only the MAIN ideas or key details of the story. We are following the format below. Last week we worked on one together after we read the story “My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother” by Patricia Poloacco. See the example we did together below.

“The main character in the the story is Trisha. Trisha wanted to be better than her brother in something. But her brother, named Richard always did things better than her. So Trisha decided to make a wish so she could do anything better than her brother. She decided to ride on the carousel longer than him but eventually got sick and fell and hit her head. Then Trisha brother Richard took care of her and brought her home safely. In the end, Trisha and Richard become close friends.”

Today students will be creating one of their own after reading a fictional passage.



Ms. Gray

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