As SBAC nears, its important that students are practicing at home as well as in school. EdCite is an easy way for students to get that practice at home. (www.edcite.com) 

All students in my literacy classes are signed up. Students click “log in” and sign in with their username and password. User name is their first and last name (no space.) Password is springdale. For example, if the students name was John Smith the username would be johnsmith and the password would be springdale.

Students can click the “assignment” tab and see the assignments that have been assigned to them. Once they finish, the students get immediate feedback and see the problems they answered wrong with an explanation as to why it was wrong. I also get the results and can see which areas of focus are needed before we take the SBAC.

I would appreciate if students worked on this website at home at least 2 times a week. We are also working on this site daily in our literacy stations. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

-Ms. Gray


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