Invention Convention

Students will be participating in Invention convention! There will be an information session on this convention Thursday, Feb 25th at 6:30. Please see picture below.

Springdale will be hosting a showcase for 5th grade to show off their inventions! The showcase will take Wednesday, April 13th. 10 students from Springdale will get chosen by the judges from the CT convention to attend the official Connecticut Invention Convention which is held at UCONN Storrs. on April 30th

Students will come home tonight with a 3 ring binder which is holding their invention log. This log needs to be filled out throughout the invention process. The INTENT to INVENT form must be filled out by Wednesday, February 24th. Once that has been complete, I will be checking logs weekly to make sure students are making progress on their invention. The invention is done at HOME. In school, we will be working on writing a persuasive essay/commercial for their invention.

As always, please email me with any questions or concerns. I would be happy to help.

Thank you!

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