Marshmallow Challenge Reflection Form

Hi Everyone,
Today the students participated in a Marshmallow and Spaghetti challenge. Student had to create the tallest tower using only marshmallows, spaghetti, and tape. The challenge promotes teamwork and perseverance. After they were done, that were to fill out a reflection sheet so I could learn more about their thoughts and feelings towards the activity. Please see the form below. Please see pictures and videos of the kids participating in the activity on my Instagram account @MrsDurocher5.


Reflection form



Welcome to 5th Grade!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we begin the school year, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your child’s 5th grade teacher! I am beyond thrilled and excited to be able to teach your children.This is my 5th year working at Springdale and my 4th year working in 5th grade. I absolutely love teaching 5th grade and cannot wait to take part in their growth and development during their last year as Springdale students.

I believe your child’s educational experience is not just something that happens in school for six and a half hours, one hundred and eighty days a year. A child’s education is influenced by many factors, is a process that transcends the school day, continues at home, on the playground, and during any social context in which your child is engaged. Education is about community. As parents and members of this community, it is crucial that you continue to take part in your child’s educational experience. Through this partnership, we can establish an enriched educational experience for your child.

I will work hard to promote a meaningful and positive 5th grade year for your child. I look forward to meeting you and your child this September 14th at our open house! Please continue to check this site regularly as I will be posting information regarding your child’s school days, curriculum, reminders, photos, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Durocher

Middle School Placement Tests and end of the year reading/math assessments

There will be 4 middle school placement tests coming up in May. We also have our end of the year reaidng and math assessments. These scores will go on the report card.  Let me know if you have questions. Please see the dates below:

May 5th- SMI/SRI (scholastic math inventory or scholastic reading inventory)

May 8th-Naglieri

May 9th-Stanford Achievement Math

May 10th-Standford Achievement Reading

May 11th- SMI/SRI (scholastic math inventory or scholastic reading inventory)

May 12th-Otis Lenon

SBAC testing

SBAC testing will take place the week of April 24th. Math will be taken on 4/25 while literacy will be taken on 4/27th and 4/28th. Please let me know if your child will not be in school and we will schedule a makeup day.

Also, please discuss with your children what we did to celebrate Earth day.